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Traditional cultural landscapes and rural biotopes

Traditional cultural landscapes were formed through traditional agricultural practices and consist of buildings, traditional fences and stone walls, and other elements resulting from traditional use. The large arable fields and industrial type of production of modern agri-business is not representative of traditional landscapes. Traditional cultural landscapes sometimes contain cultural artifacts. You can find more information about management of archeological sites and artifacts in the cultural landscape on our website.

The term “traditional cultural landscape” (or “cultural”, “traditional” or heritage” landscape) may also refer to traditional rural biotopes. Examples of traditional rural biotopes are heaths, semi-natural and natural meadows, grazed woodlands and forests and other types of untilled permanent pastureland. Traditional cultural landscapes and traditional rural biotopes are highly important for maintaining biological diversity. Their rich flora diversity creates conditions for many other species, including species of fungi, butterflies and beetles that are dependent upon traditional rural biotopes. Our web pages have more information on traditional rural biotope types and their status.

SW Finland Cultural Landscape Association

The most important goal of our organisation is to support and advance management of traditional and cultural landscapes. We engage in research, information dissemination, organise trips and provide training and expertise to farmers, associations and other actors involved with traditional landscape management. Our organisation is open to everyone interested in traditional and cultural landscapes.


Kotiniitty (literally, “home meadow”) is our organisation’s own traditional cultural landscape site. We have regular volunteer management activities at Kotiniitty, and participation in Kotiniitty upkeep or other activities is the best way to get to know us. We inform about our volunteer and other activities via Facebook