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SW Finland Cultural Landscapes Association has gone national!

We’ve changed our name! In November 2019, Southwest Finland Cultural Landscapes Association became Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland (Perinnemaisemayhdistys). The name change better reflects our activities, which are not limited to SW Finland but also include cooperation, information exchange and advocacy at the national and international levels. Our aim remains the same: supporting conservation and management of traditional landscapes through education, outreach and practical management.

Traditional cultural landscapes and rural biotopes

Traditional cultural landscapes were formed through traditional agricultural practices and consist of buildings, traditional fences and stone walls, and other elements resulting from traditional use. The large arable fields and industrial type of production of modern agri-business is not representative of traditional landscapes. Traditional cultural landscapes sometimes contain cultural artifacts. More information about management of archeological sites and artifacts in the cultural landscape is available (in Finnish) on our website.

The term “traditional cultural landscape” (or “cultural”, “traditional” or heritage” landscape) may also refer to traditional rural biotopes. Examples of traditional rural biotopes are heaths, semi-natural and natural meadows, grazed woodlands and forests and other types of untilled permanent pastureland. Traditional cultural landscapes and traditional rural biotopes are high nature value farmlands and highly important for maintaining biological diversity. Their rich flora diversity creates conditions for many other species, for example fungi, butterflies and beetles that are dependent upon traditional rural biotopes. Our web pages have more information (in Finnish) on traditional rural biotope types and their status.

 Cultural Landscape Association, Finland

The most important goal of our organisation is to support and advance management of traditional and cultural landscapes. We provide information, organise trips and provide training and expertise to farmers, associations and other actors involved with traditional landscape management. We also do practical management at two sites. Our organisation is open to everyone interested in traditional and cultural landscapes.


Kotiniitty (literally, “home meadow”) is our organisation’s own traditional cultural landscape site. We have regular volunteer management activities at Kotiniitty, and participation in Kotiniitty upkeep or other activities is the best way to get to know us. We inform about our volunteer and other activities via Facebook.

Activities 2019

1.2.2019 10:00-14:00 Workshop (in Finnish) on recommendations for improving the Common Agricultural Policy (next period) for supporting traditional rural biotopes. Location: SW Finland branch of Finnish Association for Nature Conservation office, Martinkatu 5, 20810 Turku (Eriika) 

13.4.2019 Volunteer work burning brush at Kotiniitty (Eija)

3.4.019 Annual meeting (Maria) Traditional rural biotope educational trip together with the SW Finland branch of Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Kaarina Nature Conservation Association, Western Finland Rural Women’s Advisory Network/ProAgria Western Finland, and SW Finland Ely-centre. (Eriika)

30.11.2019 at 17:00 Autumn meeting and Christmas party SW Finland branch of Finnish Association for Nature Conservation office Martinkatu 5, 20810 Turku. Members, please register by 27.11.2019 (Eriika) 

Please send your registration for participation to the person in parentheses ():
  • Eriika Lundström puh. 040 717 8797/thelundstrom(at)
  • Eija Hagelberg puh. 050 060 9526/eija.hagelberg(at)
  • Maria Yli-Renko puh. 040 861 4722/mtylre(at)

Contact information


Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland
Pääskynlento 16 A 4, 20610 Turku

Board of Directors 2018 – 2020

Chair: Eriika Lundström, Turku • thelundstrom(at) • 040 7178797
Vice-chair: Traci Birge, Kaarina • traci.birge(at)
Secretary: Maria Yli-Renko, Turku
Treasurer: Eija Hagelberg, Salo • eija.hagelberg(at) • 0500 609526


Anni Karhunen, Turku • greenbear.anni(at)

Maija Mussaari, Turku • maija(at)

Sanna Söderlund, Kaarina • sajasod(at)


Katri Salminen, Paimio• katri.salminen(at)

Get involved!

The Board is happy to hear about any project proposals, events, and new ideas for cooperation with different societies and organisations. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Annual membership fee is 18€/person.

Supporting membership (e.g. person or business) is 100€.

Memberships should be paid as follows:

IBAN: FI18 4327 1020 0453 04

Recipient: Perinnemaisemayhdistys ry.

Reference number 2019 membership payment: 20 19905

Reference number 2020 membership payment: 20 20017